Black personalities feel empathy after Meghan outburst

After the recent video by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, many personalities have felt sad for the duo. Meghan Markle has described how she was treated during her stay at the palace.  Black personalities feel pity for Meghan Markle treatment at Palace Some black public personalities have shown empathy with Meghan Markle after her recent interview with Oprah Winfrey. The interview which detailed her experience living in the palace has sent many people discussing. Serena Williams and Amanda Gorman... See more

President Biden appends two orders on gender fairness and education

The US president, Mr. Biden has approved two orders about gender and education. The bill was a reversal of an Order put away by the former president,  Donald Trump.  President Biden approves New orders for Americans  Mr. Biden has signed executive orders which are linked to gender equity on International Women’s Day. This statement was issued by the White House, easily contending with ex-president Donald Trump's order. A policy will create a White House Gender council which is meant to make the... See more

Bashar al-Assad and his wife tested positive for coronavirus

President Assad of Syria and his wife have been diagnosed with Covid-19. They have gone into isolation and the president will continue to work from home for three weeks.  President Assad and wife test positive for COVID-19  Syria’s leader Bashar and wife, Asma have confirmed they have both been infected with the coronavirus. They have both shown minor symptoms according to presidential sources. The family was said to be in good health and proceed immediately to isolation. The president is also e... See more

Inflation looms as US senate approves President Biden stimulus package

Economy experts believe that inflation will rise due to expectations about President Biden's stimulus package. Market shares are reacting to the Senate approval.  Inflation looms as Stimulate package nears approval  Market shares on Monday show signs that inflation may be on the shelf after the US Senate passes the $1.9 trillion benefits bill which was meant to steady the economic ship of the country ml. Economic data shows that the Chinese exports have increased by 160% in February which is way... See more