Inflation looms as US senate approves President Biden stimulus package

Economy experts believe that inflation will rise due to expectations about President Biden's stimulus package. Market shares are reacting to the Senate approval. 

Inflation looms as Stimulate package nears approval 

Market shares on Monday show signs that inflation may be on the shelf after the US Senate passes the $1.9 trillion benefits bill which was meant to steady the economic ship of the country ml. Economic data shows that the Chinese exports have increased by 160% in February which is way higher than a year earlier when all factories were shut down. 

It is expected that the economic tide of the US will fare better as the bill was passed, but it doesn't look good. According to a JO Morgan financial analyst '' For any $1 trillium of benefits package adds another $6 to bills. This would mean prices are likely to increase since businesses believed there is money available. '' Moreover, economists also believe this will make inflation accelerate in every sector of the economy.

Other factors also contributed to inflation 

It isn't just about the stimulus package, there is also a recent increase in Petroleum to deal with. This recent oil spike is pushing the shares of bonds higher, especially in technology industries. The NASDAQ saw a negative forecast and dropped to 0.2 % from 1%. Also, in the Asia Pacific index, Japan and China blue chips firms saw a decline of 0.8%. 

Nikkel gained a little with 0+3%, while EURO STOXX 50 is up by 0.7%. While it is true jobs are up by 390,000 this year alone, unemployment in the US is still huge with many still surviving on government checks. Treasury boss Janet Yellen said that economic complications should be expected as the economy is battling with Covid-19, but things would improve pretty soon. The easing of lockdown will gradually normalize business in the US.