President Biden appends two orders on gender fairness and education

The US president, Mr. Biden has approved two orders about gender and education. The bill was a reversal of an Order put away by the former president,  Donald Trump. 

President Biden approves New orders for Americans 

Mr. Biden has signed executive orders which are linked to gender equity on International Women’s Day. This statement was issued by the White House, easily contending with ex-president Donald Trump's order. A policy will create a White House Gender council which is meant to make the administration of President Biden promote fairness irrespective of Gender and race.

The former US President, Donald Trump has removed a commission that focuses on women's rights and said there isn't any need for it. The council was created by ex-president Barack Obama. The other talks about the Departments of Education laws related to discrimination of Gender. The order says that all federal institutions must promote equality for all gender and sex.

Gender and education hopes to promote fairness - White house 

Also, all requirements and admission must follow standard practices in line with US principles of fairness. The White House gender bill aims to promote equal diversity among all staff working within the White House. This bill was created during the administration of Obama Barack to improve diversity among all employers. However, former President Donald Trump suspended the bill because he believes that the constitution handled such policies.

However, Police analysts have divergent views about the two new orders by Mr. Biden. Richard Garry, at the institute of foreign affairs, states that the policy is more of a face-lift and antagonistic of Trump policies.' Mr. Biden has always been rescinding all Trump policies for political reasons. Some of these orders are not necessary' '. However, government sources say that the president is concerned about the welfare of education and women and such a bill on International Women's Day is crucial.