What should I know about checking and cleaning an e-mail address database?
The verification and cleaning of an e-mail address base are very useful features, especially when you doubt that your e-mail address book is up-to-date. Let's take a closer look at these features.

What is the verification of an e-mail address?

The process of verify email address ensures that the e-mail is valid. It also ensures that it is actually linked to a mailbox so that your e-mail can reach its destination. When an e-mail address is not valid, it usually returns an error message that serves as a response to your e-mail. These error messages are called bounces. They are used to notifying you that the e-mail could not be sent. There are two types of bounces. On the one hand, there are the "hard bounces" which have a definitive aspect. This type of message warns that the recipient's address is completely invalid. It cannot receive any message. On the other hand, there are "soft bounces" which have a temporary nature. These notify you that the message could not be sent because of a temporary error. Nevertheless, this kind of problem can be solved.

What is database cleaning

The cleaning of an e-mail database is a process that allows you to remove invalid addresses from your database. Thus, it allows you to avoid penalizing the deliverability on the good addresses of the file. Several reasons can lead to bounce in your database. On the one hand, this can be explained by the age of the list. Indeed, when a list is old, it can contain many more invalid email addresses. Most of your recipients could have changed their address for several reasons: change of account, abandonment of the account. Thus, it is recommended to update them frequently. On the other hand, it may be due to mistakes when filling in the addresses. In this case, you should carefully check the writing of your new e-mail addresses.