Aircall in modern businesses

Aircall is a cloud-based phone call system for working / business environment. Designed to make phone support features easy to access, use and less stressful in the working environment. Created in 2014 in Paris by four people namely, Jonathan Anguelov, Olivier Pailhès, Pierre-Baptiste Béchu, Thibaud Elziere and Xavier Durand. For more information read on.

Features of Aircall

Ability to host conference calls from remote locations in the world, customization of call transfer to the right personnel or team, blacklist spam callers for smooth working experience, click this for more details. Allows overlapping of calls, recording, in-between calls pausing to protect sensitive information from callers, call forwarding to personal mobile devices, rapid dialers that add numbers from any website. Access to all call metrics, keeps track of employees activities, synchronizes the business contacts from other sources and easy to set up with just a tap.

Benefts of Aircall

No external hardware is required. User-friendly interface  that is less stressful to set up. Five minutes max, and you're done. Ability to keep track of work activities of the various teams in the business for performance evaluation, this improves business sales. Timely customer response creates way for customer satisfaction. Satisfied clients would always come back leading to huge turnover for the business.  Remote teams or employees have access to the Aircall features regardless of their location in real time. This increases productivity from anywhere in the world. Caters for the business needs. The cloud-based phone system can be customized to adapt to business needs and practices.

Smart working experience for employees. Creates room division of tasks, meaningful cooperation and quality performance. Creates room for future expansion of business. Easy creation of new teams and smooth work flow on the go when need arises. Fair and affordable pricing for both small scale and large-scale businesses, it makes the service accessible.