All about the laptop adapter

The laptop adapter is part of the charger. It is an essential accessory to guarantee the autonomy of the laptop. What is the laptop adapter? What are its functions? How to know when it is not working anymore?

What is the laptop adapter?

The adapter is usually called a laptop charger. It is used to provide sufficient power to operate the laptop for long periods of time and to recharge the laptop battery when it is discharged.

What are its functions?

The functions of an adapter are multiple. There are several different types of adapters, but whether it's an Adapter for dell la90pso or another type of adapter, some of the functions are basic. The first is to adjust the input and output voltage. A laptop adapter can be for the voltage range of 100V - 240V. With an adapter, no matter where the user is, the laptop can plug and play. It works without power converter. 

The adapter ensures that the voltage output itself meets the requirements of the size and capacity of the laptop.

A function is needed for the laptop adapter. It can play an important role in protecting the components of the computer. Without the adapter, the laptop directly plugged into the socket will simply burn and could reach the computer too.

How do I know it's not working?

The adapter of a laptop does not have eternal life. It can sometimes stop working. To find out if your adapter is not working, plug in your charger but make sure that the wall socket where the adapter is plugged in is in good condition. 

Then you should check if the adapter heats up after a few minutes of being plugged into the mains. If you have a voltmeter, check that the output voltage of the adapter is correct. If your wall outlet is working and the adapter does not respond after plugging in, it means that your adapter is defective and should be replaced.