All About Tongue Drum

The Tongue Drum is an instrument that will allow you to calm your mind and relax without spending too much money. Indeed, the sound produced by this instrument will harmonize your energy to give you good mood and good vibrations. However, you need to know more about this instrument before you get it. Discover more details in this article. 

What is it really ?

Amazing percussion instruments, the tongue drum is an instrument of the idiophone family allows playing sounds and melodies with the different notes constituted by its tongues (the famous "tongues"). Dennis Havlena had the brilliant idea of making this singular instrument with the bottoms of gas bottles !

The bottom of two bottles are cut out and welded together, then tongues are carved out of them. It is according as to the cutting of these tongues that the note will be modified !

What kind of Tongue Drum ? 

Today you will find a wide range of Tongue Drums made from various materials for different and original sounds! There are even mutligam models that will allow you to tune a Tongue Drum in different ways ! You will also find electro-acoustic models for your concerts or simply for you, they allow you to connect the Tongue Drum to an amp or a card and to have additional effects (looper, delay or other). 

Six times less expensive than its big brother, the Hang Drum, the Tongue Drum is available in several ranges: 

 • The minor scale: which is more suitable for a meditative atmosphere • The major range: which will be more suitable for a cheerful and warm atmosphere ! 

• The multi-range models: which allow you to have the best of both worlds and especially allows you to change atmosphere at will according to your desires. If you don't know which range to choose, we advise you to choose a multi-range model that you won't get tired of and that will allow you to explore all the benefits of each range!