Anesthetic creams : when and why to use them ?

Anesthetic cream is an excellent remedy for painful sensations and in many other situations. For its use, a simple application on the part is enough, and you will see the pains disappear. If for a long time, the use of anesthetic cream was reserved only for health professionals, today anyone can use it since some products are sold without prescription. Here's when and why to use them.

What is a numbing cream ?

Anesthetic cream is a pain reliever that reduces or limits the sensation of pain felt on an area of the skin. Anesthetic cream has a numbing action on the skin by making it insensitive to pain. For its manufacture, the anesthetic cream is essentially composed of lidocaine and prilocaine. These components are both local anesthetics that are widely used in dermatology. You can take a look at the best numbing cream for cycling here.

When to use anesthetic creams ?

Generally speaking, numbing cream is used in different cases of hair removal. Indeed, anesthetic creams are used for: permanent laser hair removal, semi-definitive hair removal with pulsed light and temporary hair removal with wax or electric epilator. However, anesthetic creams are used for other equally useful purposes.

Why use anesthetic creams ?

Commercially, there are different varieties of anesthetic creams. Some are sold by prescription and some are over the counter. Prescription anesthetic cream generally provides more effective anesthesia to the skin for varying lengths of time. 

However, if you develop a hypersensitivity to lidocaine and prilocaine or to anesthetics of the amino acid family, you should avoid using anesthetic cream. Similarly, the use of anaesthetic cream is prohibited in the case of open wounds. Its use is also forbidden on premature infants and on the genital mucosa of children.