Black personalities feel empathy after Meghan outburst

After the recent video by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, many personalities have felt sad for the duo. Meghan Markle has described how she was treated during her stay at the palace. 

Black personalities feel pity for Meghan Markle treatment at Palace

Some black public personalities have shown empathy with Meghan Markle after her recent interview with Oprah Winfrey. The interview which detailed her experience living in the palace has sent many people discussing. Serena Williams and Amanda Gorman were among the people who have joined the discussion about allegations that the royal family exhibited traits of racism. 

Meghan Markle has said the palace was concerned about the colors of her son, which made her sad. Many social media members have thrown their weight behind her after her engrossing interview on Sunday. Many have said what she had to pass through was cruel and uncalled-for. The media talk with Oprah was the first interview the couple had granted after leaving Buckingham's palace last year.

The public has reacted to the Oprah Winfrey 

The program revealed a lot of issues that weren't made public about the Royal couple's indifference to her son's skin and how they didn't treat her well. Her close pal Serena Williams, a tennis maestro said she understands what Meghan went through and her experiences. Williams said she gained a lot from the interview and learned that to be humble is golden.

'' I have felt what sexist and racial behavior can do to her woman. I have had many encounters when growing up. But we Will come out strong, '' She stated.

Songwriter and poet, Amanda Gorman said Meghan will rise above all oppression and that she is giving straight to other black women out there. Amanda says while it isn't clear if these will have a change on the traditions of the palace, it shows the other side of all the palace glamour.