Focus on the position of affiliate network manager

A little known job, the affiliate network manager, requires many skills from the person who practices it. Indeed, he must be very technical and have managerial skills. This job is accessible exclusively through several social networks and online channels like LinkedIn. We will present this job in more detail.

What is an affiliate network manager?

An affiliate network manager is a person who has the ability through his managerial skills to be able to connect two parties or two companies in contact. For more information about this little known profession, check this out: click this link. In the field of marketing, for example, it is responsible for putting a publisher as well as an advertiser in contact. The collaboration between the two parties will serve to promote the company's goods and services while making the manager money. However, payments are only made when the work is validated by the advertiser and therefore, well done. It is particularly for this reason that the manager must be very practical and excel in his work. To summarize, advertisers are buyers while publishers are sellers of ads. Network managers set up a business through which, both parties can sell and buy their ads.

How to become an affiliate network manager

This still very unknown profession only posts jobs online. There are essentially three methods to become a manager. For a job search in this field, you should look specifically at : 

● Social media: It is particularly on social networks that all types of information passes, and especially jobs in affiliate network management. On most of the social media today, many job offers are published. And some online sites even specialize in offering such jobs. 

● LinkedIn: This is the top choice when looking for a job. In fact, LinkedIn is a site designed primarily for online job searches. To quickly find a job, you need to notify the field in which you want to work and build relationships with people in that field. 

● Job boards: Registering on a job board is very easy. It is even more interesting to customize your profile to have only notifications related to the job you are looking for.