Animal welfare: what are the missions of the CDMO?

Animal welfare has emerged as a significant concern in today's society, with a growing awareness of the harsh treatment of animals in various industries. The CDMO has taken a stand to promote animal welfare by conducting extensive research, documentation, and educational activities. This article delves into the missions of the CDMO and its efforts to improve the welfare of animals. Research and documentation The first mission of the CDMO is to conduct research and document information related to... See more

Bashar al-Assad and his wife tested positive for coronavirus

President Assad of Syria and his wife have been diagnosed with Covid-19. They have gone into isolation and the president will continue to work from home for three weeks.  President Assad and wife test positive for COVID-19  Syria’s leader Bashar and wife, Asma have confirmed they have both been infected with the coronavirus. They have both shown minor symptoms according to presidential sources. The family was said to be in good health and proceed immediately to isolation. The president is also e... See more