How do you convert a lead into a customer? 

How do you convert a lead into a customer?  
Lead to customer conversion is the ultimate goal of any business, store or service provider's marketing campaign. It is the result that defines whether a campaign has been beneficial to you. Lead-to-customer conversion requires a certain process, which we will gladly show you. 

What is lead conversion? 

Lead-to-customer conversion is the process of getting a listener, reader, or subscriber to place an order with you and to keep them coming back for more. It is the marketing process that creates a need in the reader that leads him to buy what you offer. The basics of lead conversion is therefore the type of marketing you put in place; whether it is based on emails, social networks or search engines. 

Keep the prospect interested in your product or service.

A prospect is by definition a potential customer, who has been committed by one of your marketing actions. This is an opportunity for you that you should not miss.  As soon as the prospect shows interest in your product or service, don't let time pass by to diminish his enthusiasm for your product. The prospect may contact your department for more information about your product, so respond quickly or risk losing their interest in the product. If the prospect was obtained via email, then personalize the messages to them, so they know you value them.  
After having pushed the customer to his first purchase, you must now retain him. This is done through an impeccable after-sales service. Attract them by giving them the royal treatment. Make them true promoters of your company or product.