How to choose your Tongue Drum efficiently ?

The Tongue Drum is an amazing percussion instrument that allows you to combine sounds from different notes made up by its tongues. It is an instrument with a very intuitive approach and very adaptable because of its ease of use. How to choose your Tongue Drum ? On this page, you will find the important criteria that you should take into account when choosing your Tongue Drum.

What type of Tongue Drum should I choose ? 

You can find on the market a wide variety of tongue drum in finland made from a variety of materials for distinct and authentic sounds. As a result, there are multi-range models that allow you to tune your Tongue Drum in different ways. The electro-acoustic models will accompany you for your concerts and also for your own pleasure. 
With an acoustic Tongue Drum, you can connect your instrument to an amp or board with additional effects integration. You can choose the minor scale of the Tongue Drum, which is suitable for meditative atmospheres. The major scale is dedicated to a friendly and cheerful atmosphere. The multi-range models allow for the best of both worlds. 

How many languages for your Tongue Drum ? 

The number of languages is the most important feature you should consider when buying a Tongue Drum. Indeed, the number of languages is mostly a function of the number of sounds you can combine with your instrument. So if you want to play music scores, you should get a Tongue Drum model that contains several languages.  
Moreover, the more languages you have, the more possibilities you have in terms of songs to play. The number of languages directly impacts the overall complexity of the musical instrument. If you let yourself be guided by your desires and tastes, the criterion of the number of languages is not very fundamental.