How to know if what you read is true?

 When you find something on internet for instance, how to know if what you read is true? It’s the answer to that question we give you in this article. Follow us in this journey to explore the tips to check the credibility of an information. 

The author oft a text.

A credible author writes credible texts. Now the question is what to do to know if an author is credible. The first step is the to  visit both his or  biography and bibliography which will help you answer these important question: 

•             Who is the author?

•             What are the author’s credentials?

•             Are they affiliated with reputable organizations?

•             Is the author qualified to write on the topic?

Determining the author’s credibility according to the type of source. 

Based on the type of source you are using, there many ways to determine the author credibility.

•             Source1: Book. If what you read is in a book and you want to know if it is reliable, check the following: the author’s note, the Forwards, the introduction and the ‘About the author’ which is usually found at the back cover of the book. All these help you to know who the author is and what kind of expertise he or she has on the topic. 

•             Source2: Articles. Here, you must first of all see what clues are available in the article.  After that, verify if the author has written other articles, may be on a similar topic. It increases his/ her credibility.

•             Source3: Websites. The first step in verifying the credibility of a website’s author is to make sure that there is an author. Here, updating is very important. Check if and when the website has been updated. Because more credible articles have a date attached to them to show when they have been posted or shared.