Timelapse : 3 reasons to use this camera for your construction site monitoring

Immortalizing the key events of a construction site with timelapse not only allows you to follow its evolution. It also has several advantages for the company and the client. This article lets you know the reasons to use timelapse.

The timelapse to enhance its projects

The timelapse is a communication tool that brings benefits for each party: the client, the company and the provider who makes it. By broadcasting it on social networks, on your website or during a projection during the inauguration, you highlight the project thus achieved and those still to come. You have a peek at this website to learn more. 

For the company in charge of the construction site, the timelapse retraces the strong moments of the construction site by putting forward the know-how of all its team. It comes to enrich your portfolio and help you stand out from the competition to win new business.

An easy to set up tool

This is one of the major advantages of time-lapse. Once you would have identified the strategic point where the camera will be set up, all that's left is to choose the ideal time and the frequency of the shot. You just need to place the camera on a tripod so that the framing is perfect. Currently, there are devices specially designed for use in construction sites. Their installation is done in just a few minutes, whether indoors or outdoors.

The timelapse for a better retrospective of his project

As a communication tool, timelapse video is more effective in getting a message across, especially to your future clients. Its duration and the quality of all the photos taken during the construction are enough to capture the attention of your targets. Instead of showing them a short video in normal speed on each step of the construction site, you can show them a timelapse to summarize everything in only a few seconds. 

Easy to set up, a communication tool that can be adapted to any construction site, the timelapse also has other advantages. It contributes to the promotion of your know-how and reinforces the performance of your communication through images. You have more simplicity to manage risks and ensure the security of the site with such a solution.