Visiting Alcatraz : Everything you need to know about visiting San Francisco's prison

Although a very interesting tourist destination, a visit to Alcatraz prison, which is now a historic building, is a must on any trip to San Francisco. The world's most famous prison, also known as The Rock, has been closed for over 50 years. But its uniqueness and unsolved mysteries continue to intrigue people. In this article, you will learn some basic information about Alcatraz Island.

What is the history of Native Americans on Alcatraz Island?

When Spain invaded San Francisco in 1775, Native Americans fled to Alcatraz Island for safety. If you are looking for more information, visit the best Alcatraz review. The island was a Spanish colony for a long time, but for several years it also belonged to Mexico. It was finally annexed to the United States in 1850, but became a military installation a few years later. In 1969, Indian activists occupied the island to demand their rights. Under treaties signed in the 19th century, Native Americans had the right to own unused federal land. They even offered to buy it from the government, but to no avail. It is no coincidence that when you visit Alcatraz in San Francisco, you see signs everywhere saying that the island should belong to the Native Americans who were its first inhabitants.

Where can you buy tickets to visit Alcatraz?

There is only one way to visit Alcatraz: by Alcatraz Cruises ferry. The trip to San Francisco Bay takes about 20 minutes. You can buy tickets on the website and, of course, find a lot of useful information. You can also buy tickets directly in San Francisco. Nevertheless, tickets sell out quickly.

But what about the other residents of Alcatraz Island in San Francisco?

We already know that celebrities like Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly were once imprisoned on Alcatraz. But on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, the guards and their families also live. The children go to school by boat and are wary of social pressures. The women gardened and some went to work on the mainland every day. Life on the island brings a lot of happiness. Mortgages are lower, there are no traffic jams, no stress and food is cheaper. If you visit Alcatraz, you can still see the beautiful garden and the happy workers who look after it.